The average woman exposes herself to 515 chemicals daily through the use of beauty products alone. Ironic, right? Using chemicals to remove other chemicals. The solution? SKOON. The name says it all. A skincare brand that has mastered the art of combining science, nature and beauty without harming animals, the environment, or your wallet.

A SKOON. start

SKOON. is a small South African skincare brand that came to life in 2013 when Stella Ciolli turned her dream into a reality. Stella saw a gap in the skincare market for organic, natural and toxin-free products that get the job done.

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“We Care”

SKOON. is the embodiment of care. They care about the environment. They care about animals. They care about their customers.

  1. Environment: SKOON. makes use of BPA free containers.
  2. Animals: SKOON. products are free from animal testing and they are a member of the Beauty Without Cruelty organisation.
  3. Customers: Customer care is at the heart of SKOON. They offer personalised products to any customer dealing with specific skin conditions, or who may be allergic to any of their listed ingredients. SKOON. customers have a vast array of skin types. To ensure that their individual skincare needs are met, SKOON. allows customers to blend and mix their own products. Vegan friendly products are also available.

SKOON. Products

SKOON. products are organic, toxin-free and consist of natural ingredients. All products are produced and manufactured in one location, the SKOON. factory in Cape Town. This ensures high quality products from start to finish. SKOON. is keeping up with the skincare industry’s cutting edge innovations and trends. They believe skincare should be free from irritants and harsh chemicals. Therefore, SKOON. uses high-end essential oils, cold pressed plant oils, and natural bio-actives with supporting clinical studies.

How to no steps

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SKOON. ensures their ingredients are of an exceptionally high quality, by sourcing them from all around the world. SKOON. imports their Vitamin A (Retinal), which is rated a gentle 1 on SKINDEEP™ the US. Retinol (with the “o”) has a High Hazard toxicity rating of 9 and is generally used in skincare products.


Some product ingredients include:

  • pineapple
  • papaya
  • vanilla
  • orange
  • frangipani flowers
  • coconut
  • organic shea
  • lavandar
  • wildflower honey
  • rooibos
  • avocado

“We don’t think just being natural is enough. Products should deliver results.” – SKOON.

“SKOON. Meisies”

You can become a “SKOON. meisie” by simply registering as one on their website. This keeps customers informed about the brand, and any new product offerings. This also plays a key role in making consumers feel cared for, and a part of the SKOON. family. “SKOON. meisies” are also viewed as a source of hands-on marketing and brand exposure to their target audience.

SKOON. uses Instagram to repost photos of their happy customers, to further include them as part of the SKOON. family. “SKOON. meisies” include some of Cape Town’s international models, such as Rio Hooper, who is also a make-up artist and blogger. This makes her a very influential brand ambassador, as she has been a SKOON. customer for a few years now.



SKOON. relies on social media interaction, event promotions and word-of-mouth as their prime methods of brand and product promotion. They successfully utilise the mainstream medium of Instagram, by making their products aesthetically pleasing, trendy and thereby, desirable. Customers often tag SKOON. in their Instagram posts and the brand reaches even wider audiences in this way. Social media is an integrated and engaging method of advertising, and when utilised correctly, is very effective, as can be seen with SKOON. Word-of-mouth is a useful medium of marketing for the brand, since happy customers promote SKOON. based on their personal experience with the product, without thought to monetary incentives.

SKOON.’s target market penetration and market share have grown exponentially due to their strategic and successful use of IBP efforts, and their customers are excited to see what’s next in store.

“If your approach is to rebuild your skin’s integrity and health without the soup of synthetic ingredients and perfumes – you are in the right place.” – SKOON.