Find The Will With Under Armour.

It was round 6 of the most anticipated boxing match up in recent history. Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko were going toe to toe in a spectacular contest of power and precision. After a vicious exchange of blows, the undefeated Anthony Joshua was finally overwhelmed by Wladimir’s swift right hand. The IBF heavy weight champion of the world finally fell to the canvas with a thud that echoed around Wembley Stadium. Anthony Joshua’s feet defied him as the referee started his count.

With every passing second, defeat looked inevitable. Blood and sweat defiled Anthony’s face. No one could have blamed the young boxer for wanting that night to be over! At that stage, all the years of training and preparations were not enough to get him off the floor. It was only the sheer will of a champion that could save Joshua. The spectator’s were on their feet. They were not prepared to accept that this clash of the two titans was over, and neither was Anthony Joshua.

What followed was a fight for the ages. Joshua clawed his way back from near defeat. As the rounds progressed he grew from strength to strength. By the 11th round AJ was looking formidable. A combination of body shots and crippling upper cuts were too much for Wladimir to bear and before the final bell rang, Anthony Joshua was triumphant.

Few people can boast such a phenomenal comeback story. Anthony Joshua’s never say die attitude has secured his place in the history books. Stories of such sheer defiance transcend generations and it is stories like this that Under Armour are so proud to be a part of.

AJ winUnder Armour shoes and shorts: Source by Getty Images taken from

Why Under Armour

Champions like Joshua immerse themselves with nothing but the best. In a game of inches, every detail counts, from the equipment used, to the clothes they worn. Every work out and practice session can be the difference between a win on the scorecard or a loss. Over the years, big brands have lost sight of what’s important in developing young talent. They are distracted by trends and fads that fade as quickly as they are formed. Under Armour appreciates their role in making an athlete a champion. They simply strive to give a man the tools to build his own legacy. Consistent performance and the best quality footwear and sports apparel has ensured Under Armour have become synonymous with greatness.

Where there’s a will, there’s Under Armour.

The contest is not won or lost on the night of the fight, but rather during the sleepless nights and early mornings that precede the big event. Under Armour have built a reputation for unleashing a competitors full potential, allowing them to train with the confidence that only Under Armour can provide.

Since their humble beginning, Under Armour have defied the odds, competing with the likes of Nike and Adidas. They too can often find themselves on the canvas floor, hurt by their competitor’s bigger budgets and impressive campaigns. However, much like the infamous Anthony Joshua, Under Armour are driven by the simple desire to be the best. Through groundbreaking social media campaigns and endorsement deals with athletes in every arena, Under Armour continue to revolutionise the industry and inspire a generation of athletes.

100_3132Under Armour shirt; helping this young competitor stay comfortable, confident and dry.


The Origin of Under Armour 

It all started with an ambitious 23-year-old Kevin Plank recognising the need for clothes that wouldn’t retain sweat and weigh down an athlete. Under Armour was established on the foundation of quality. Style comes secondary to performance. The initial shirts that propelled Under Armour into the limelight were designed to be unseen and unnoticed. Their only objective was to make a player better. UA fully understood that it is what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.

Over their short history, Under Armour has supported some of the most iconic stars in the sporting world. Ambassadors for the brand include the NBA all-star Steph Curry, the most decorated Olympian of all time Michael Phelps, the New England Patriots star quarter back Tom Brady, the 3-time major winning golfer, Jordan Spieth and even the soloist for the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland, to name but a few.


If Under Armour is good enough for these renowned talents, there is no way to argue that it is not good enough for you.



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