They’ve shown us that we do not need to be fitness freaks with protein shakes and six packs to get into the gym or start getting active.


Born in 1999, Virgin Active has taken the fitness and health industry by storm. With over 270 clubs across South Africa, your summer body is closer than you think!

Everyone is welcome at Virgin Active


 Flexing a helping hand 

Despite their worldwide fame, Virgin Active is a selfless company, which cares about others. They give back to their community through outreach programs and take part in many event sponsorships to show their community that this brand has many fun sides.

 Take-away Fitness

Virgin Active is known for their funny, relatable and heartwarming Television adverts. They also use billboards, radio adverts and lots of print media in magazines and on posters to get in touch with their future (and current) members. Virgin Active has built a reputation of creating fun, interactive, motivational and relatable ads. Every slogan or headline they use is unique and so very catchy – even if we wanted to, we could never forget the famous “Live Happily Ever Active” tagline; when we see or hear their name, this phrase almost automatically starts playing in our minds.

Fortune favours those who Get up. Get active.

-Virgin Active Health Club

Active Updates 

Virgin Active is also a #socialbutterfly. They have gained a wide following on all Social media platforms. This makes it easy for the company and all individual clubs to engage and interact with their members and make you feel part of their community. On their pages they are very informative and inform you of their latest promotions, events and what is new/happening, and they continually motivate their members by sharing inspirational stories and pictures. Most recently, they hosted the “Fit Fest”, which encouraged members and even non-members of Virgin Active to take part in this fun way of exercising. #TRENDING !!!

What’s APPening

They have their very own app!! Online training programs have become the modern way of exercising (which is more affordable to many since they don’t need to pay for an instructor). Not only is this app highly motivating and interactive, but it also offers many cool and exclusive features to members – they can also track their fitness progress, give feedback and stay connected with their club and the whole company.


Virgin Active App launch



They have created the overall personality of a friend. In every brand promotion or advert they creatively use their fun words and phrases to instantly make you feel wanted and excited. They have created an overall friendly, fun and exciting look and have trained their staff to make all members (and the public) experience this whenever anyone comes into contact with the brand.

Uptime for kids. Downtime for you.

Virgin Active makes life easier for all active parents. While you get down and sweaty, your kids will be kept busy. The Club-V offers activities for all children between the ages of 3 and 13 while you are busy working out.  The team members are  well-trained and with super strict access control in the club, your kids will be safe. So don’t break a sweat!  Virgin Active has their back.




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Don’t delay that summer body. Find a club near you!


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