Crave. Tap. Enjoy . The infamous tagline of UberEATs: an innovative, convenient, world-wide service. Now in Stellenbosch. Treat yourself.

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UberEATS is orientated towards providing you favourable and speedy food deliveries, wherever, whenever. With a base fee of R20 per delivery, this service can be accessed by simply downloading their user friendly app on any smart phone.

It’s Always Better When We’re Together.

UberEATS already has a large existing customer base due to their partnered transport company, Uber. This, combined with their collaboration with a wide variety of quality restaurants that cater for consumer’s diverse needs; from fast food to gourmet dishes, has been the main differentiating factor for UberEATS. This enterprise has ensured that they are partnered with well known restaurants and meal providers. This opportunity leads to the trust that consumers place within those meal providers has been naturally transferred onto UberEATS, as well as gaining the customer base that these restaurants already have.


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You don’t even have to leave your desk

Use And Abuse Us.

UberEATS has invested a lot of effort into making themselves the best service provider in their industry. With a user friendly app that can be conveniently downloaded to any smart device, and a chic and visually stimulating website that appeals to consumers. UberEATS has installed a ‘track your meal’ option, allowing customers to view every step of the production process until physically receiving their meal. The UberEATS app logs all previous purchases and conveniently creates a “Favourites” bar based on the consumers most frequently purchased meals, making reordering a simple and straightforward proccess.

Saving With Every Bite

Promotional efforts such as gifting consumers with two R50 discounts for their first two purchases has encouraged an increase in users of their service. Their app has designated an original promo code to each user that can be shared to new consumers to get a discount for their meal. This has encouraged a positive word of mouth between potential users.

Get Comfortable.

Consumers who have set up their user face, receive relevant promotional emails. This gives their consumers the first opportunity to get the inside scoop regarding their in-app changes, specials and newly added restaurants. The app also sends out push notifications to remind consumers of their convenient and unique service, without sounding too pushy. UberEATS has advertisements within their partnered restaurants that clearly states the provision and convenience of their service. Most of the doors and tables within the partnered restaurants display the UberEATS logo and promote their service, many even come with promo codes.

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Put that campus WiFi to good use

Shooting For The Stars: Five Stars.

With the added feature of rating their service, UberEATS has allowed consumers to express their experiences in a straightforward way. By rating the service from one to five stars (five being the best), UberEATS and their partnered companies can adjust their service to meet consumer requirements and expected quality. The rating service also helps consumers to feel that they can express their opinion and actually be heard. There is also a feedback platform open to all users where one can share their opinions and experiences. UberEATS is relies on their consumer feedback and ensures a high level of quality.