I want a pair!

Maties Marketing244

Converse has done well in being the classic brand the has stayed relevant in the market for over 100 years. Converse brings more than a product to the table, they have a well-established connection with their target market. Converse listen more than they talk. With good consumer insight, Converse focuses on having an emotional connection with their consumers. Converse wants people to feel themselves in their shoes. One of their main values is self-expression and creativity.

Converse has used integrated brand promotion to positively influence the market. Through these efforts, Converse has become arguably the most popular pair of sneakers among their target market, who are mainly teenagers, conformists, rebels, aspires, and many more. Converse has developed campaigns that engage the brand with the consumer and showcases the consumers’ creativity and self-expression. The “Made by you” and “Connectivity” campaigns have positioned Converse in a positive yet discriminating manner against competition…

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