After a busy day of school, work or gym that has left you exhausted, it is easy to buckle at those temptations and cravings which we all despise. Just the thought of a Burger or chocolate is enough to make you salivate. You then remember that summer is just around the corner. What YOU really need is 

a nutritious, revitalizing, energy boosting refreshment or meal…well look no further because your low fat, sugar free, gluten free health option is right around the corner at KAUAI where our clients health is our main concern. KAUAI


Vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant you name it we’ve got something for you. KAUAI has a range of health benefits which are suitable for anyone’s needs regarding diet and/or lifestyle. KAUAI only use the and most ethically sourced ingredients, from free range chicken and eggs to healthy, nutrient dense vegetables. There are also no additives, preservatives, artificial colourants, flavourants or concentrates in any of our meals, sauces, smoothies or juices. This shows the length which KAUAI goes to ensure the freshest of ingredients are brought to YOU.


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KAUAI is suitable for the early birds, gym junkies, students and shoppers. They have taken convenience to a whole other level by opening in the early hours of the morning and having over 150 stores nationwide located in food courts, schools and at your nearest Virgin Active. KAUAI offers a variety of healthy breakfasts, superfood smoothies, nutrient dense raw juices, signature wraps, meals and Fair Trade Barista brewed coffees and teas making them suitable for anytime of the day.


Apart from building close relationships with Virgin Active and Discovery Vitality, KAUAI has taken time to assess how the growing concern of health for our nation can really be improved. With their recent partnerships with schools around the country starting with Reddam and Durban Girls College, Kauai hopes to educate those starting from a young age of the importance of a healthy well balanced diet. What better way to do so then by creating awareness amongst the future leaders of South Africa.

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Trust KAUAI with your health, as a customer we search for restaurants which have our best interest at heart, well your search ends now as KAUAI , as they continuously keep up to date with the food revolution.

Kauai has:

  • Kept the public well informed about their new options and ingredients.
  • Are credible as their menus differ due to the availability and sourcing of only the BEST produce.
  • Refocused on customer service excellence ensuring each and every customer who walks in gets treated with only the best of service.


Whether it is our well-trained staff who always greet you with a smile, or serving only the freshest, healthiest and tastiest food and drinks around, we strive to keep you satisfied. You can be assured that our stores will keep providing you nutritious, REAL food. This is the KAUAI promise to you. Not to brag but this does link in with KAUAI’s slogan ‘Made Naturally, Served happily’


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KAUAI has always been unique, as they were one of the first restaurants to offer only healthy foods.

Get motivated with KAUAI.

KAUAI’S latest movements


You’re probably drooling for a peanut butter bomb smoothie with a Hawaiian chicken wrap, put on those trainers and head over to your nearest Kauai.

It’s time to get healthy and join the healthy eating revolution.

Race you there!! 

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