The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic is the new girl on the block and is taking the South African adult beverage market by storm.

The world’s first bottled virgin gin & tonic is on everyone’s radar at the moment. The best thing is? A moment on the lips, is NOT a lifetime on the hips! The non-alcoholic, sugar-free, zero-calorie drink has arguably become the tastiest, guilt-free indulgence on South Africa’s lifestyle scene. The natural sweeteners stevia and xylitol are used, alongside a unique range of wild botanicals and spices, which give The Duchess that delightfully refreshing flavour. Gin and especially craft gins are making a huge resurgence in SA and is a drink that is quickly jumping back onto every South African’s ‘favourite’ list. A list The Duchess should certainly be on. The go-to option to satisfy that guilty post-work day pleasure, without the added stresses of the impending beach season looming overhead.


The intrinsic characteristics of The Duchess has garnered traction among a number a very niche consumer segments, previously untouched by the alcohol market. The non-alcoholic, sugar-free and zero-calorie elements speak to the value of motherly care, the fitness enthusiast, the diabetic, the designated driver and the responsible friend. A drink for the discerning, conscious consumer. A consumer which the current availability of gin and the remaining majority of alcoholic beverages have never resonated with. Have a peak for yourself: The Duchess Nutritional Information

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The drink is not just an alternative drink option, but an opportunity for individuals in varying circumstances, who were previously sidelined in the social dynamic to engage as a part of the whole with total peace of mind and enjoyment. In addition to being a personal taste preference, The Duchess has become a lifestyle choice. The brand has managed to create an emotional affiliation with an eclectic mix of highly affluent consumers, by appealing to their value base. The Duchess is an unrestrictive lifestyle choice that is not accompanied with a the dreaded hangover and headache pills the following morning.


There is a slight ‘edginess’ about the symbolic figure of the Duchess herself. Her elegance, sophistication and the typography of the botanicals and juniper berries make the brand one of the most appealing in the stores. A brand we could easily fall in love with.

Initially, The Duchess systematically introduced their brand to fine dining restaurants, wine estates and weekend markets around South Africa, highlighting their niche strategy regarding their route to market. This has created a foundation for their positioning as a premium product, although you can purchase The Duchess at all leading liquor retailers around the country today.

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The brand has been able to successfully associate themselves with both sides of the coin regarding the adult beverage market. They have been able to create top-of-mind awareness in a party or social setting, tapping into the behavioral movement of responsible drinking, but have more importantly, been effective in gaining exposure to a more mindful, health-conscious consumer segment, which has previously been unchartered territory for a product associated with alcohol. This can be also seen in their onboarding process of their various retail partners such as “Leafy Green Vegan Bistro” and ‘The Wellness Warehouse” whose message of well-being is one not typically associated with Gin.

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The hosting of distinct promotional events that speak to the essence of the brand’s elegance and sophistication have also been tastefully used to resonate with the affluent consumer. The ‘Bakoven Beach Kitchen’ showcased the brand during an exclusive evening of mussel picking and sundowners on the shorelines of one of Cape Town’s most picturesque beaches.



The golden thread underlying their promotional efforts is one of a leisure-centric, lifestyle orientated brand, which speaks to the discerning, mindful consumer. The drink options for our picnic or weekend getaways is no longer a choice. The Duchess has crept into our hearts. A I have a sneaky feeling a lot more of her is going to flow into our tummies.

If you’d like to find out more visit the website and subscribe to their product and retailer updates here: The Duchess Virgin G&T